Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prayers on Radio 3 for the former Bishop of London - now a Catholic!

As I was reviewing and revising/updating tomorrow's Canon Law lecture, I had the sublime Choral Evensong from St Paul's Cathedral playing through the computer. It was a 1982 archive broadcast. When they came to the intercessions, they prayed for 'Graham our bishop.' Graham is now Mgr Graham Leonard. I hope Anglicans listening will have seen the funny side of this. Say a prayer for them.

Listen again if you want to hear a beautiful service.

UPDATE: See sad news about Mgr Leonard's health in the combox. Pray for him and his family.


  1. I recently went to visit Mons Graham Leonard & his lovely wife Priscilla. Sadly he has suffered a major stroke & is unable to speak only make a few sounds. How terrible for us all who loved to hear his beautiful voice. Please pray for the Leonards.

  2. Thank you for letting us know this. I had no idea. Will keep him and his family in my prayers.


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