Monday, September 3, 2012

Pope Benedict: God's law leads man to true freedom and life.

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Commenting on yesterday's Liturgy of the Word, Pope Benedict spoke about the law of God.
In the Liturgy of the Word this Sunday emerges the theme of the Law of God and His commandment, an essential element of Judaism and even Christianity, where it finds its fulfillment in love (cf. Rm 13:10). The law of God is his Word that guides man on the path of life, releases him from the slavery of selfishness and introduces him to the "land" of true freedom and life. For this in the Bible the law is not seen as a burden, a limitation overwhelming, but as the most precious gift of the Lord, the testimony of his fatherly love, of his desire to be close to his people, to be his ally and write with it a love story. So please the pious Israelite, "In your decrees is my delight, / will not forget thy word. (...) Lead me in the path of your commands, / because it is my happiness "( Ps 119,16.35). In the Old Testament, who in the name of God sends Moses is the Law to the people. He, after a long journey through the desert, on the threshold of the promised land, so proclaims: "And now, Israel, listen to the laws and rules which I teach you, so that put into practice, that you may live and go in and possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers, is giving you "( Dt 4:1).
For the original see the Pope's Angelus message (it's only available in Italian currently, but you can get Google translator to make a pretty good job of it, as above.)

As it happens, Bishop Sample also preached about the Divine Law, Natural Law and Human Law, pointing out how the fact that God reveals His law to us is a sign of his love, of his care for us. (I preached in a similar vein, but nothing like as eloquently as the Bishop.)

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