Friday, September 14, 2012

New bishop for Lincoln, Nebraska

Could you think of a better recommendation than that given by the Archbishop of Denver where Bishop Conley has been serving as auxiliary?
“In the four years Bishop Conley has served as auxiliary bishop of Denver, he has become well-known for his commitment to the unborn, his enthusiasm for young people, and especially for the devotion with which he celebrates the Most Holy Eucharist,” Archbishop Aquila said.

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Oh, and (shhhhh!!!!!) he ordained seven men to the minor orders of porter and lector, seven men to the minor orders of exorcist and acolyte and Rev. Mr. Rhone Lillard to the diaconate at St Francis of Assisi Oratory in Lincoln, Nebraska, 7 XI 2009 for the FSSP!

Are these the qualifications for the bishops of the New Evangelization? Bishop Sample is also known for his Extraordinary Form ordinations, for his commitment to the unborn, the young and the devout manner in which he offers the Mass.

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