Monday, June 11, 2012

Corpus Christi Procession, Gwinn

I hope you enjoy this slideshow of our parish Corpus Christi Procession yesterday. It kicked off a week of celebration of the centennial of the first Mass celebrated in the basement of the still uncompleted church and was followed by Benediction in the Peter Nordeen Park and luncheon.

There seems to be a problem with creating a slideshow on picasa currently. Click on the image below to view the photographs.


  1. To my surprise tears began streaming from my eyes as I looked at the photos: what we have lost re traditional Catholic pious practices which add heart to the intellect’s theological understandings.

    When I first saw the Knights of Columbus I thought they looked silly (I am Australian) but after seeing them participate in so many solemn Church occasions, including the burying of aborted foetuses when they lined the avenue when the priest carried the little coffin to the grave site, I have changed my mind. They add dignity and solemnity to religious occasions and send a visible message that what is happening here is of God and worthy of honour and respect.

    Thank you for this post father .

    1. Very touching comment, Sharon. The Knights are examples of men taking their place in the Church. They have made very serious commitments. The KofC sponsor so many memorials to the unborn, including one in our own Church garden which you can view here.


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