Saturday, May 12, 2012

SSPX unity with Rome increasingly likely?

The Superior General of the SSPX is openly admitting that the Society could split over his attempts to restore communion with Pope Benedict. Bishop Fellay appears to be trusting of Pope Benedict and looking favourably upon the Pope's attempts to restore discipline in the Church, whereas the other three bishops and others within the Society are maintaining their "Rome has lost the Catholic Faith" position.

The fact that Bishop Fellay is talking about splits paradoxically increases my hope that he - and hopefully and sizeable majority - will be restored to communion with the Pope. It appears to be a sacrifice he is willing to make.

There are some insightful posts at

Fr Z: Bp Felly speaks with Catholic News Service

The Sensible Bond: SSPX Superior in France Foments Division; Letters between SSPX Bishops and SSPX General Council

A split would obviously be regrettable, but is probably inevitable.


  1. Fellay no longer holds the "Rome has lost the Catholic Faith" position? And how will unifying compromise that position?

  2. And why would "A split" "obviously be regrettable"? Thanks

  3. Go to for official SSPX news.

  4. What a glorious day for all of us this would be.. We need the SSPX. God bless all the discussions.

  5. No surrender to Benedict XVI,no surrender to the Novus Ordo,no surrender to Vatican 2,and no surrender to Modernist Rome.Thanks to a whistleblower within the Sspx,its rumoured that Ratzinger is running scared of the 3 other Bishops who are vehemently against him.Please pray that this diabolical union between us of the Sspx and the Heretics of Vatican 2 be derailed.In Domino.


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