Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Priest in South Africa attacked, left for dead

Father Andrew Cox, the fifty year old pastor of the parish of Constantia in the Archdiocese of Cape Town, was brutally attacked by three intruders on Sunday night as he was locking the parish premises. The attackers stabbed him, tied him up, attempted to gouge his eyes out and left him in the parish strongroom where he was discovered by his secretary on Monday morning.

He says he spent the night praying and he forgave his attackers. At one point he got hold of the knife the attackers were using against him but could not bring himself to attack his assailants.

It would appear that Father Cox is a faithful son of the Church. A google search reveals that he has recorded a talk defending Humanae Vitae as a prophetic documen inspired by the Holy Spirit and explains that opposition to contraception is integral to the Church's teaching on the dignity of human life.

Reports on the attack here and here.

Please keep this good priest in your prayers. (And his assailants too.)


  1. Anto says Why would someone do that? Mark says God was watching over him in the chapel becasue he is lucky he isn't dead.
    Tomas thinks it is amazing he kept his faith and didn't fight back.
    It is like jesus forgiving those who persecuted Him says Mark
    We 9A promise to pray one extra Hail Mary during the month of May for the attacker and the quick healing for Father


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