Monday, January 2, 2012

Teenage mother gives her life for her unborn child: a legacy of sacrifice, not tragedy.

A young teenage mother, when diagnosed with cancer, refused any further treatment once she discovered she was pregnant and died soon afterwards. The story has, apparently gone round the world. May others be inspired by Jenni's example.

See LifesiteNews for the full story.

The following video is from


  1. This story has gone global but if you do a search on the BBC website this is the message you get:
    Sorry, there are no results for 'jenni lake' in the category 'News'.
    Similarly, a search on The Guardian website produces no results. Nor the Daily Telegraph. Nor The Independent. Nor the Daily Express. But the Daily Mail does carry the story. So, with the exception of the Daily Mail the British MSM doesn’t want you to know about h this story.


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