Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cardinal Elect Timothy Dolan - a nice, fun TV interview

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  1. Angus Ruparelia07 January, 2012 20:51

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  2. The comment preiously left by Angus Ruparelia has been deleted - I have been informed that a word he used can be interpreted in an offensive way this side of the Pond. In any event, I was hoping that someone would come to Cardinal-Elect Dolan's defence. He was, after all, the author of a very bold letter to President Obama.

  3. Click on the words "very bold letter" on the previous comment - I don't know it doesn't show as a hyperlink.

  4. Of all the clichés regularly dispensed by critics of Rome, the charge of aloofness is the one for which I have the least patience. The Church, they allege, is cold; its teachings are at worst cruel and at best irrelevant. Its hierarchy are out of touch, and no one high up in Rome understands how media works. (Even traditionalist Catholics like Lord Rees-Mogg have been known to level the latter charge.)

    In the case of Abp. Dolan we find a man who manages to be gregarious, media savvy, and unflaggingly orthodox; yet here the commentator (whose remark Fr. Boyle removed) attacks him for his congeniality, the very quality of which the Roman episcopate is said to be most in want! Is this not a kind of double bind position, in which we are told, one the one hand, that the Church must have a more affable public face, yet when someone who fits the bill presents himself, he is ridiculed?

  5. 9A Brogan here we find Cardinal Dolan very funny!
    Caolan: His jokes about himself are funny -it shows he doesn't take himself too seriously!We think he will be a great Cardinal for the youth.
    Odhran: We like his mixture of fun and yet his love of God.Christopher:He is very open and truthful.
    Brogan: We wish we were like him to get to Rome like him!
    Christopher thinks he is a very kind hearted man.
    No negative comments from 9A we love him!


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