Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bishop Sample's Christmas Message to His Priests

Yep, that's it. With his Christmas card to priests, the Bishop enclosed this gift. I think it tells all the clergy very clearly where he wants to lead us and where he wants us to lead our parisioners: right behind our Holy Father, Pope Benedict.


  1. What a thoughtful gift. What a good shepherd who feeds his sheep. I would enjoy hearing your comments on this book Fr John when you finish reading it.

    God Bless always,


  2. WOW! He stole my idea. Yes, mine :)

    I said how this should be done to a friend once... he seems to do a LOT of things I say... I better check my phone and email. Are Bishops allowed to spy!?!


  3. I read it years ago, Finola. I was worried that I mighat have been the only one who received it and that the Bishop thought I might be in need of some correction!!! :)

  4. Father, I cannot express how happy this makes me. The last comment was a little tongue-in-cheek, but honestly when I read this book... it changed my faith. I read it shortly before moving to Alaska - where the liturgy is very... different.

    I now recommend this book to many, many people. I have even convinced those lay faithful at our parish in charge of liturgical "environment" to buy it, and read it. I have thought about buying it for priests in the past, but worry it would come off snarky. It is such a grand book, and such a wonderful message from a Bishop!

    Deo Gratias!

  5. I've sent him a note of thanks. Wow, if all of our Bishops did this.

  6. By any chance, has the good bish' got a twin brother who is also a bish'?

  7. Good for Bishop Sample!

    When I read it upon publication I had the same thought: that a copy of it should be in every chancery, parish and religious community throughout the world. I also thought it should be required reading in all seminaries and Pontifical universities.

    Anyone reading it with an open mind cannot but be moved by what the Holy Father has to say.

  8. Anita: I think what you are hoping for is a clone!

  9. This should be read with Fr. Henri de Lubac's "Spirit of the Liturgy" and then "the Splendor of the Church" MARVELOUS!

  10. I wish I could afford to buy several copies and hand them out to the priests in the surrounding parishes. So much good content here!


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