Friday, December 9, 2011

Bishop Sample on the Lost Generations - and the need for a renewal in the catholic faith

Bishop Alexander Sample during his January 2006 episcopal ordination at
St. Peter Cathedralin Marquette
. Photo from Catholic World Report
“I was taught the faith in Catholic schools using materials that were weak and insubstantial. I wasn’t being taught my faith. The liturgy suffered from experimentation as well. … My generation raised up the next generation. Since we weren’t taught the faith, we raised children who weren’t either.”

This is how Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, Michigan—who, at age 50, is one of the US’ youngest bishops—describes the damage done to the American Church by decades of weak catechesis.

Exclusively at Catholic World Report, Bishop Sample shares how his experiences growing up in the 60s and 70s have given focus to his efforts to offer future generations of Catholics faith formation that is “solid, substantive, [and] systematic.”

He also shares the surprisingly positive fruits of the priestly sex abuse scandals that he has seen spring up in his diocese, as many young men have come forward “to become part of the solution, to rebuild the Church.”

Click here to read Bishop Sample’s interview, exclusively at Catholic World Report.


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