Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Who knows what's down the road?"


  1. That the head of the Church of England and Wales should make such a statement is scandalous.

  2. This is rather a short clip and 'who knows' if Vincent+ went on to clarify.

    But- having tried to be charitable: words fail me. This is a senior English churchman (not, please note 'the head of the Church in England and Wales', though usually described as such)and he seems either not to know or to dissent from the Church's teaching on the priesthood and human sexuality.

  3. One thing that probably will not be "down the road" will be any effective opposition from the Bishops' Conference of England & Wales to any legislative compunction to ordain women or "marry" homosexuals.

  4. +Vincent knows that many good changes will occur. Why have you neglected to mention the death of a former priest of your diocese. Bishop Michael Evans was a wonderful witness to the truth. I suspect you prefer to ignore him?

  5. Why are your prejudging me? Bishop Evans was indeed a good bishop, a witness for the truth (e.g. his stance on Amnesty International) and of courageous acceptance of suffering. He was also one of those who interviewed me on my selection conference at Wonersh and I remember the kind and thoughtful manner of his conversation. In his time as parish priest at Tunbridge Wells he was also well known for his commitment to the youth.

    It was while he was already sick that I saw him accompanying his diocesan group at World Youth Day in Cologne.

    Why haven't I mentioned him? You will notice that I have had a break from blogging and I simply thought the news of Bishop Evans' death was already widely known. If my not mentioning him hitherto has caused offence, I apologise. I shall rectify this immediately. I have already offered Mass for the repose of Bishop Evans' soul.

    (PS: it would have been nice had you identified yourself in some way, but I publish your comment anyway and accept the implied criticism. As for +VN, I make no comment.)

  6. The non sequitur of your anonymous poster aside, I'd be very interested to hear something of the many good changes that Archbishop Nichols knows will occur. One or two examples would be helpful. We all welcome good news.

  7. I don't know if the good Archbishop went on to clarify his comment, but it did not start well. I think he missed an opportunity to state clearly the teaching of the Church without ambiguity. The problem is that dissenting Catholics will see this as affirming their position that "given time, things will change". But some things never change - and one of them is Catholic Doctrine.

    Somehow I could not see a Cdl. Burke or Ab. Chaput handling the question this way. Sad.


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