Friday, July 29, 2011

Recent events at St Anthony's

Making my Profession of Faith and taking the Oath of Fidelity

I was installed as parochial administator last Sunday July 24th by Father Ronald Browne, Moderator of the Curia. Thanks to all who helped in any way to make it such a joyous occasion. (Photos of the installation Mass taken by Kelly Matthews.)

Before the Mass

Father Browne adds incense to the thurible.

Entrance procession.

Father Browne incenses the altar at the start of Mass.

Before Holy Communion.

Reverencing the Cross after Mass.

Our servers.
On Wednesday July 27th we had a Youth Pizza Evening in the rectory so the youth of the parish could meet their new pastor.

My thanks to Len McKeen, our parish DRE, and all the other adults who came with food, cooked, and showed their support for the youth in so many ways. You can see more photos at my facebook page.

And yesterday, the baptism of Philip Joseph Winkler, ninth child of Denyl and Michael Winkler (who appears above with the dark glasses) which was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. So he is well protected from the devil.

Philip Joseph in the arms of his godmother Dr Catherine Kroll and with godfather, Catherine's husband Michael Prokopowicz. Parents Denyl and Michael Winkler at either end (with one of their daughters).


  1. I wish there were some way of having my children re-baptised in the Extraordinary Form so that they could benefit from the rebukes to satan which it contains. As they grow older I realise more and more that these protections, offered by the Church, are needed, more than we can ever know.

  2. You can get hold of exorcised holy water (if your priest will bless the water in the older form) and use that. I know how you feel, though. No rebaptism is possible...

    I commented after the baptism exactly as you did: that our younger generation is at a disadvantage not having been baptised in the older form. The devil is not mentioned in the new rite (apart from in the renunciation of Satan by the parents and godparents, but this is done in their own name, not in the name of the child). And he is certainly not addressed personally by the priest.

  3. I sometimes wonder whether we might on suitable occasions, and especially if asked, use the prayers of exorcism from the extraordinary form of Baptism for children who were baptised in the ordinary form. The exorcisms are not "solemn" in the sense of requiring the permission of the Bishop. (Though I suppose there would be no problem obtaining permission from your Bishop in any case!)

  4. Yes, Fr Tim, I did wonder about that possibility. It would be a good solution. Although do we then get into the business of making up our own liturgy? Perhaps they could be considered as rites omitted at baptism, but then if the new rite has been followed correctly, nothing in the rite has been omitted. As you say, all good things to wonder about and see what legitimate usages develop. A little problem: the exorcisms all take place before the baptism, at key points, especially e.g. before entering the baptistery. Would you see any problematical in saying a prayer of exorcism over a child who has alredy been baptised?

  5. Romulus
    I'd be very glad to hear from you privately. Feel free to email me at the address shown in the "About Me" page at the top of the blog. Thanks for your communication and for your prayers.


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