Monday, June 6, 2011


Tomorrow I head down to Chicago to catch a flight on Wednesday morning to London where my nephew will make his First Communion on Pentecost Sunday. It's only going to be a short stay. I shall return to Chicago on Monday, drive to Milwaukee and join a group flying to Honduras for a 10-day mission trip with the Sirvientes de Cristo. We shall return on 23rd and be back in Marquette on 24th. And then it will be off to Gwinn to take over as parochial admistrator on July 1st for a period of two years.

Please keep in your prayers the fine young people taking part in the mission trip, the leaders, and all the people we hope to help. Many people have contributed extrememly generously to the appeal for help that was made several months ago here at St Peter's by Tim Bishop, one of the leaders.


  1. Maureen D'Alessio06 June, 2011 19:12

    Fr. John...
    Enjoy your trip to England, I guess there will no time for a ride down to Kent.

    Safe travels to Honduras.

    Congrats on your new assignment to Gwinn.

    God Bless...

  2. Thanks Maureen. Yes a visit to Kent is planned.

  3. You do get around! Happy flying visit!

  4. Have a great trip Father. Your nephew is very blessed to have his uncle fly across the globe to be there for his First Holy Communion. Praying for the success of the mission trip!


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