Sunday, June 26, 2011

Honduras with the Sirvientes de Cristo (1)

From 15th - 24th June I was in Honduras with a number of other people from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (i.e. the Marquette diocese) as a member of a mission team called Sirvientes de Cristo. We stayed with Father Abel, a member of the House of Bethlehem community which has a monastery and church on the outskirts of La Paz on the edge of a very poor bario.

For a starter, here are some pictures of the barrio on the outskirts of La Paz where we were staying. (I'm trying to catch up on a lot of things - including news - and so will do this piecemeal).

"We buy gold." "We repair mobile phones." Any work will do.

I was privileged to be invited into this family's humble dwelling.

Some other Sirvientes de Cristo outside the same family's house.

Emily shows off the turtle she discovered.

Some of our Sirvientes in the back of Father Abel's truck.

Julie Bishop, one of the chief organisers, with some local school children.

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