Sunday, May 22, 2011

Msgr Philip Reilly at Marie Stopes International, Maidstone, Kent, England

Carole Smith, one of the brave Helpers of God's Precious Infants sent me the following (which I have edited slightly - hope that's OK Carole):

Mgr Phillip Reilly, founder of Helpers of God's Precious Infants in Brooklyn New York, attended the vigil in Maidstone on Wednesday 18th May which was led by Fr Sam Medley, SOLT. Also present were Fr Jacob, CFR and Br Francesco, CFR. There was a good turnout of Helpers pray-ers.

[As you will see if you go here, I used also to lead these prayer vigils before coming here to the US.]

The abortion mill was very busy and many leaflets, rosaries and medals were distributed. The prayers seemed to be doing their job because during the vigil the police turned up. We must have disturbed those inside the mill. A reporter from the Guardian was keen on speaking to some of us but Rose (one of the Helpers) gave him a rosary and rosary card and asked him to pray with her. He was Irish and probably had a grandmother who prayed for him. Eventually Mgr Reilly spoke to him after the vigil. I'm not sure if he got his story.

I believe there were at least one save. Mgr Reilly spoke to one girl and after she went to the door of the mill she turned round and left. She waved and smiled at us.

Rose contacted a solicitor and we hope to arrange a meeting with the policeman in charge so that they will not keep harassing us. They want us to stop giving out the prolife leaflets. [It should be noted, as you will see from the photograph, that the pray-ers pray from the pavement - sidewalk - across the road from the entrance to the abortuary. Some sidewalk counsellors are on the sidewalk outside the abortuary, but never on its property.]
Mgr Reilly spoke at great length when eventually we met for refreshments in the church hall. He is so interesting and he seems to have endless energy. He caught a nap though on the way back to London and later in the evening gave a talk at St James', Spanish Place.
You can listen to the whole talk by going to the blog of Robert Colquhoun - described by John Smeaton of SPUC (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child) as "a pro-life powerhouse, and organizer of the excellent 40 Days for Life initiative" - Love Undefiled.

John Smeaton quotes the following from the talk:

When the police told him that everyone inside the abortion centre was disturbed by what was going on outside, Monsignor Reilly replied: "What, everyone?" "Yes", the police replied. "Oh wonderful", said Monsignor Reilly.

For further comment see John Smeaton's blog.

Request for prayer: please pray for a mother and father who are expecting the induced delivery of their very premature Downe's Syndrome baby within the next 12 hours. The baby will hopefully be baptised immediately upon delivery.

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