Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The forgotten mothers this Mothers Day

From Students for Life:

Mother's Day is just around the corner (May 8th), and this year Students for Life is offering pro-lifers the chance to honor ALL Mothers.

Nearly everyone in America can tell you why we celebrate Mother’s Day. We use it as a day to honor mothers of every kind - mother, grandmother, stepmother, godmother or someone else they view as a mother figure.

But there is one type of mother that is commonly forgotten.

These mothers watch as other women receive handmade cards, flowers, and family brunches. On Mother’s Day, they don’t receive a card made by their child, no burnt pancakes covered in maple syrup are delivered to them in bed, and there isn’t a single flower to put into a vase.

Some of these forgotten mothers will spend May 8th in tears.

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  1. Mother's Day can be a tough holiday. There are mothers who have had an abortion, who have suffered miscarriages or lost children of any age, women who want to become mothers but are unable to conceive, men and women who have lost their mothers, or whose mothers were abusive or absent, mothers and children who are estranged from each other. We need to pray for ALL of these people on this holiday.

  2. Thanks Katie for this reminder. I think this could inform the prayers of intercession on Sunday.

  3. my coworkers tried to kill me, my ex-husband called me names, the state called me names I had a traumatic brain injury at work no one would report it no one would treat me, my children wont talk to me - my family and the public have not been educated on traumatic brain injury

    jan mathews tbi 1-31-94 at pavilions palos verde

  4. I am a full time single Mother to 3 beautiful sons, now grown & with their own children. I have not received a Mother's day gift, card, poem, email, or phone call for many years. I went through so much raising my sons, went through struggles they will never know about, suffered and sacrificed the same as any loving parent would do. I worked 2 jobs so they would have everything they needed. I supported them through their own pain, both physical and emotional. I am now 64 years old and the entire week before and after Mother's day are completely traumatic for me as I deal with the emotions that are so overwhelming, painful, confusing. No matter what you do in life, please always do your best to remember the woman who gave you life. your Mother may not have been what you hoped for, but you will never know what she gave up or did to make sure you were happy & protected & loved. Please don't forget them. You have no idea of the pain.

  5. Thank you for this very touching testimony. The fourth Commandment sums it up: "Honour your father and mother." It is from them you received life. How can you ever forget them, no matter how imperfect you might consider them? You will not be forgotten this Mothers Day - I hope all my readers will join me in remembering you and others suffering like you in their prayers this Mothers Day.


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