Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who hasn't been invited to the Vatican blognic

Now, I know not everyone can be invited but the list of 150 invitees has been published. Anna Arco (Catholic Herald), Hilary White (Lifesite news and her own blog), Sandro Magister, are amongst those invited. I was particularly pleased to see James Bradley of the Ordinariate Portal on the list. He is one of the clerics of the Sevenoaks Ordinariate group who was to be received into full communion this week.

But, we do have some big hitters in the English speaking world and I should have thought that at least one of Fr Z, Father Tim Finigan and Father Ray Blake should have been invited. And what about my good friend Owl of the Remove? They do say names were put into a hat and drawn out. Maybe that's why.

But there's an alternative blognic...


  1. I'm really looking forward to the Royal wedding,and so is my daughter, we shall watch on the BBC,with tea and dainty treats, a proper girlie day!
    As we are also having a wedding on June 4th(daughter's) we are even more interested than normal (if that's possible) Cant wait to see the frock!
    Our daughters wedding will be full nuptial mass and the groom is getting Baptism,first Holy Communion and Confirmation at this coming Saturdays Easter Vigil. It was seeing Pope Benedict and the hordes of pilgrims at Cofton Parks Beatification Mass that finally made him decide!.
    From personal experience I can say that cohabiting doesn't doom marriage It depends on the couple, if you have a huge "Do" because people expect it, well more fools you,if like us you marry because its truly what you want and then you work very hard at it ,you may celebrate many Happy Anniversaries.We married in 1980 at a registry office, and celebrated our silver Wedding with renewal of vows in a Catholic Church.

  2. To be fair, I think that the "invitations" were given to those who applied. I didn't apply, not being free to have a jaunt to Rome at that time. Some months ago, I booked to go out the following week, so I'm hoping to hear some of the word on the street about how it all went.

  3. Diddleymaz: now that's the kind of wedding (your daughter's) that would get me up in the early hours to watch on TV! Congratulations.

  4. The Owl of the Remove is a deceased owl in the blogging world, he is just a half remembered dream.


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