Friday, April 1, 2011

Some good English humour (no, not humor)


  1. NOT humour?? its brilliant!!

  2. Bravo! I've sent it to my friends. This is real stuff in the 'four candles' tradition.
    Hurry home! We all miss you.

  3. Thanks for a great bit of comedy!
    Here's the latest Banana laptop:

  4. ”Some good English humour (no, not humor)”

    Now Father, if you are going to be spending more time here in the US (good for you, by the way!) you will have to be ‘converted’ to the American Way of Spelling. Now we know that conversion is difficult, entailing the letting go of old convictions (such as: “The OED is right and Websters is wrong…”), but with perseverance some ‘success’ can be achieved.

    In my younger days spelling was never a problem. After 40 years here my abecedarian abilities have been alarmingly atrophied…


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