Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hike around Sugar Loaf Mountain

For my day off today I decided to explore some of the trails around Marquette. I walked up (or climbed) Sugar Loaf Mountain and then across to Hogback Mountain, through beautiful forest and down to Wetmore Landing. The return to my car involved a second ascent up Sugar Loaf Mountain (I could have walked back along the road but that would have been rather boring.)

Splendid views, and the leaves are beginning to turn as Autumn/Fall approaches. The colours are beautiful.

Some photos (click on the slideshow for larger pics):


  1. Nice pics. I expect if you were to go back to those same spots 3 weeks from now there'd be a real riot of color. [Assuming there isn't a blanket of snow on the ground!]

  2. Exercise is important.......but!

  3. Lovely photos, Father. Leaves are turning here in Surrey too. Autumn walks are beautiful, I always think.


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