Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anatomy of a Murder

Having watched this great 1959 movie the other day, I decided to check out some of the scenes as the movie was filmed on location here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The scene of the murder was the Thunderbay Inn located in Big Bay, about 27 miles from Marquette, where I go to celebrate Mass most weekends. The Inn, and also St Mary's Church, feature in the movie.

St Mary's Church, Big Bay, which is served from here at the Cathedral

The Thuderbay Inn

I had also completed quite an energetic hike and needed some refreshment, so a visit to the Thunderbay Inn was more than a movie 'pilgrimage'.

Inside the Thurderbay Inn

There weren't many customers! But it was nice and friendly - went for their 'special': barbecued chicken sandwich with tomato, salad and choice of side dish. I suprised myself by getting through two tumblers of Pepsi - was pretty thirsty after the hike.

Tavern named after the movie

The court scene takes place in Marquette (named Iron something-or-other in the film), the courthouse being located on W. Baraga Ave, right where I am currently living. The Cathedral appears in a couple of scenes as does the old dock at the bottom of the street on Lake Superior.

The Court House on W. Baraga Ave.

View down W. Baraga Ave. to Lake Superior from outside the Courthouse

View up W. Baraga Ave looking towards St Peter Cathedral from outside the Courthouse

It's a great movie - watch it if you haven't.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. This is a Jimmy Stewart movie I never got around to seeing. Looks like it's up on youtube. Fascinating wikipedia article on the movie too.


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