Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stubenville North Reunion

Bishop Sample and Father Mike Steber (Cathedral Pastor) join the young people for songs of prayer and praise in St Peter's Cathedral.

Last month a couple of hundred young people from the Marquette diocese attended a youth event sponsored by Stubenville University. Last Sunday a reunion took place at St Peter's Cathedral.

Bishop Sample gets 'plugged in' listening to 'Papal disco' on a young person's mp3 player.

Bishop Alexander Sample introduced the afternoon with a period of silent adoration before the exposed Blessed Sacrament on the High Altar of the Cathedral. The silence during the 15 minutes of adoration was impressive. Bishop Sample encouraged the young people to spend the time placing their lives before the Lord, asking Him to show them His will for them. He complemented the youngsters for the silence and devotion with which they spent those fifteen minutes.

Bishop Sample with a group from Ontonagon.

After Benediction, there were some songs of prayer and praise followed by a Question and Answer session with the bishop. Bishop Sample asked the young people for their impressions of the Stubenville north experience. They spoke about their introduction into the ways of prayer, the talks they received on Our Lady and other aspects of the event. Bishop Sample also fielded in a very humorous manner some questions about the robes the bishop wears!

Bishop Sample, Father Tim Ekaitis (former Associate Pastor at St Peter's Cathedral) with his group from St Mary's, Norway, and Father Mike Steber, pastor of St Peter's Cathedral.

In answer to a question about prayer, Bishop Sample said how young people are always 'plugged in' to various forms of media: internet, tv, ipods, music... He encouraged them to take the opportunity to experience silence so that they might hear the Lord who can only be heard in the silence of prayer.

Dustin Katona organises the games.

Afterwards there were games and food at nearby Presque Isle, organised by Cathedral youth minister Dustin Katona.

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