Thursday, August 19, 2010

Southwark Servers Summertime

Another activity I always help out with when I am in England is the Southwark Diocese Altar Servers Summertime activity organised by my brother, Father Stephen (pictured on the extreme right of the above photo). You can see some photos and a report at the Southwark Diocesan website.

I am pleased that three youngsters from my beloved former parish, St Simon Stock, South Ashford attended.

Do keep all the young people in your prayers.


  1. Pleased to see you're tweeting a link to your posts but the twitter button at the end of each post doesn't appear to link to your Twitter feed, or is just me? Maybe because (like me) your Twitter name is different to your Blogger name? Just curious.

    Marygrove looks like a great place and how wonderful to see so many young seminarians and prospective seminarians.

  2. Thanks, Ellen. Twitter is a new game for me. I'm not sure what might be the problem. I am happy to be enlightened!

  3. I'm a 'newbie' at Twitter too, Fr Boyle. I've just realised that the Twitter button you've added is not meant to link to your feed but to enable others to easily tweet your post. Oops,I think I'd better tweet your post myself to make up for my silly mistake!

  4. Sorry to monopolise the comments box but the Twitter link is now there. It must just have been my lack of expertise (nothing new there!)

  5. That's quite alright, Ellen. It all gets my comment count up! :)


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