Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big anti-abortion rally in Spain

'Cada vida importa' (every life matters) was the theme of the manifestation.

The BBC reports. On the radio news bulletin this evening, of course it was presented as a flexing of muscles of the 'traditional Catholic right'! Well, whatever. One million people is a massive show of popular opinion.

Television espanola reports it here. A picture speaks a thousand words, but if you can understand Spanish, watch and listen:

Arranca la manifestación contra la reforma de la Ley del Aborto

El pais reports tens of thousands. Comments in the combox following the news item put the number at 2 million according to organizers.

Here's a great photo from the El Pais website:
The poster reads: If you were born, let us be born! (I can recognise a caricature of ultra-socialist, anit-life, pro-homosexual-marriage Prime Minister Zappatero.) More pictures.

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  1. What's also odious about all ramming through of abortion on demand in most countries, was that I can think of few circumstances, if any, where it was put to a vote of the people.


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