Monday, August 31, 2009

Back again

Have been away from an internet connection. This photo taken just now from the hotel bedroom will perhaps reveal my location at the present time. There is free wifi so hopefully I'll find some time to report on my stay in Marquette.


  1. "Free wifi" -- apart from ejaculations of the religious sort, perhaps, next to "musical theatre" the most glorious phrase in the English language.

    [Remember me to Herald Square, and have some cheesecake at Lindy's while you're at it.]

  2. Marquette, Father? The same Marquette that has a University with Tolkien's letters?

    Have a good stay Father, and a safe journey home.

  3. Well, Mark, I don't know about the Tolkien connection. There is a university in Marquette, the Jesuit Marquette University is not in Marquette but named after (or for, as the Americans say) the same Father Marquette who brought the Catholic faith to the Upper Peninsula.


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