Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blogs, Facebook, Texting...

Father Ray Blake has posted on Miss (or Ms) Pepinster's interview on this morning's Sunday programme.

I can sympathise with Archbishop Nicholls' concerns about virtual friendships that do not materialise into the real supportive systems that true friendships are meant to be. But even those friendships can result in great pain when 'friends' let one down.

It's interesting that Ms Pepinster should have been brought in to comment on this matter. She and her Tablet were particularly outfoxed by the world of blogs and facebook after attacking Father Finigan and the apostolate he is carrying out at Blackfen. The blogosphere, twitter, texts etc. have proved an incredily efficient way of getting news around the world in no time at all, for example in the recent demonstrations in Iran. Opinion formers have much to learn from these media.

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  1. The Tablet, and not just them but a good part of the traditional press always try to run down blogs, etc. because it breaks their stranglehold on thought control. Many studies have shown that on average, in the US at least, over 80% of the medias by their own admission take the liberal point of view. Therefor, when small stories get out in the press from 20% of their conserv. colleagues, in the past they've been able to bury the story. They've got to cover it, initially, otherwise their liberalness is too naked. So they maintain the veneer of being "fair." And being in the majority, THEY are the ones to decide what they think the public should be thinking about.

    However, blogs, etc. allow people to go over their heads and say "no, you will NOT shut us up, you WILL cover this issue, you are NOT given a free pass that *your* way is not only the right way, but the *only* way."

    Those days are dead and gone, and they can't stand not being in control.


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