Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life-saving abortions - have you ever heard of one?

The result of a "life-saving" procedure.
That's how Ireland's proposal to legalise abortion with a its double-speak "Life During Pregnancy Bill" is described by an Associated Press report. SPUC has described the Bill as worse than Britain's 1967 Abortion Act. Language has been emptied of its meaning when abortion can be described as life-saving. This is the tyranny of relativism.


  1. Well said, Father.

  2. At a conference which we held almost 30 years ago a consultant gynaecologist told the audience that in his opinion any doctor who claimed to have performed an abortion to save a woman's life was either lying or incompetent.

  3. No! It is a lie, continually re stated and rehashed by the controlling political forces and their propaganda machines, the MSM. The intentional killing of a baby in utero is of no assistance to the mother, either physically or psychologically (not to mention spiritually!!) but rather does damage to her psyche and puts her at risk of death, serious permanent physical injury (there is always some physical injury to the mother involved in forcing open the womb, butchering the baby and scraping the inner lining of the womb). Infertility and future miscarriages, premature babies and babies with long term conditions/disabilities are further common outcomes. As the medical experts stated in the Dublin Declaration of September 2012, abortion never saves a woman's life. It is not medicine but anti-medicine.

  4. They wish to make the public think that a) the church can't handle ectopic pregnancies and b) that this is the reason most end up losing their life.

    They will NOT admit that "to save the life of the mother" often means someone saying "I'm just gonna go crazy if they make me have this baby." Because these days THAT'S all it takes for a woman to be approved "on medical grounds."

  5. What a terrible picture. How would an adult like to have their torso cut in half?

    You're right Lynda. I woman I know who had an abortion experienced much of what you've said.

  6. Fr Boyle, I'm glad you're back after a short break from blogging.

  7. God bless you father.
    I had an abortion when I was younger. I hold myself fully responsible for it, but these people are lying when they say they offer women choice. they don't, they pressure them into decisions and conceal the truth so any choice is given without full knowledge.

    I remain mainly anonymous as I've started to write about these issues at my own blogspot at whilst I take a break from teaching to raise our daughter. In case I ever want to go back I think this is wiser.

  8. Indeed, there's no such thing as a life saving abortion, someone always dies.


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