Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Voice for Justice: a religious freedom blog from the UK

A new blog to counteract the Thought Control that is being perpetrated in the UK on such things as same sex "Marriage", Islam, etc.

The most recent post begins:
The Thought police … coming to a street near you

118 Tory MPs rebelling over the proposed legislation, now apparently being fast-tracked by David Cameron, to allow gay marriage! Whatever next? However hard our Prime Minister tries to pull religion – that is, Christianity - into line and tell us we’re out of step, he seems doomed to failure. And rightly so. Same sex marriage was conspicuously absent from the Tory manifesto leading up to the last election, and it is not, and never can be, the province of Government to try to redefine belief. Yet this is what same sex marriage will do, if it ever becomes law. In one fell swoop, it will attempt to rewrite the Biblical understanding of the nature of men and women, and of our relationship with each other, and with God.

This kind of loopy interventionism would seem increasingly to be becoming a hallmark of British life...


  1. Father,

    Unfortunately Catholics must break this view in their heads that they should vote Conservative to preserve a christian country.

    I remember before the 1979 election many Catholics were urged to vote Conservative to get the abortion act repealed, instead Margret Thatcher's government made the situation even worse.

    In the 1980's I lived in Norbury and we had a by-election a pro-life candidate stood and we had over 3000 Catholics in the area yet the pro-life candidate only got 180 votes :(

    Catholics need to look at what the individual candidates stand for and vote on that basis.

    All the Conservative MPs around here voted for Gay Marriage and many Conservatives have resigned as they backed them to get elected and then their views were ignored by the MPs.

    Vote for the candidate not the party.


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