Thursday, August 23, 2012

Noah - a patron for Life?

Our local public radio station played some of Michael Angelo Falvetti's Il Diluvio Universale. You can hear it in sections on YouTube. More information on the broadcast can be found at and the excerpt played from Il Diluvio begins half an hour into the program. (It will download as a RealPlayer podcast. I can heartily recommend the Harmonia early music website.) Something the radio presenter said made it dawn on me that all future generations depended on Noah's obedience. We would not be here if he had not obeyed the Lord.

When human beings abort babies, it is not only that baby that is killed - all the possible offspring of that human being are aborted too.

When human beings contracept, the generations that would result from the child that would be otherwise conceived are denied conception and birth too.

When men waste their seed through masturbation, they throw away the potential for life that would result from the proper use of that seed. I do not know much about biology but the uniqueness of each individual derives not only from its mother's egg but also from its father's sperm - the particular sperm that fuses with the egg. Obviously, eggs are lost and sperm too in natural ways. But we should not take it upon ourselves to waste these elements of potential life. We should remember the harsh judgement meted out upon Onan (Gen. 38:9).

Abortion is anti-life.

Contraception is anti-life.

Masturbation is anti-life.

Pornography that is such a plague for many is anti-life.

Dunno about you but this makes me think. Let us each be obedient to the Lord as Noah was lest we be lost in the floods of passion.

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  1. Is it too flippant to add he would seem to have been a good winemaker, even if overdoing the tasting?


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