Friday, August 5, 2011

Commendation after absolution should always be said

I usually follow the formula of absolution with the following:

May the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary
and of all the saints,
whatever good you do
or suffering you endure,
heal your sins,
help you to grow in holiness
and reward you with eternal life.

Many have commented on what a beautiful prayer it is and that they never hear it used by other priests.

I have just read in no. 54 of the Congregation for the Clergy's Aid for Confessors and Spiritual DirectorsThe Priest, Minister of Divine Mercy, that this "commendation" contains a great wealth of spiritual treasure. It should always be said given that it directs the heart of the penitent towards the passion of Christ, the merits of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of the Saints, and towards cooperation through subsequent good works.


  1. How blessed your parishioners are to have you Father. Thank you for dedicated yourself to God and His Church, so that others may be given His Grace.

  2. I was surprised by your comment Father, that not all priests use this prayer today…

    I have always heard it used – and in an earlier time - in Latin: “Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi, merita Beatae Mariae Virginis et omnium sanctorum, quidquid boni feceris et mali sustinueris, sint tibi in remissionem peccatorum, augmentum gratiae et premium vitae aeternae. Amen.”

    It is indeed beautiful and a fitting conclusion to a good confession.


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