Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Totalitarianism of Abortion covers a homily given by Archbishop Carlos Osoro of Valencia, Spain, on the feast of the Holy Innocents. The state-sponsored practice of abortion is the greatest crime of nations throughout the world, led by the nations of Europe. How can the human species ever hope to live at peace amongst its members when it disregards its most vulnerable and innocent, when it seeks to kill its own members for no other reason than that they are inconvenient?
According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, Osoro also denounced western nations where "we fill our mouths with talk of human rights and where the most is being done to prevent the construction of peace and reconciliation."

"Reconciliation will never arrive while human life is not respected from its beginning until its natural end," added Osoro, who noted that the situation is similar to "what was experienced in Europe in previous times," comparing the current abortionist regimes to the totalitarianism of the 20th century.

"In questioning life, liberty in itself is brought into question, and the most profound injustice that can exist is established, which is to take away the life of the most defenseless," said Osoro.

Osoro's comments were made as Spain moves towards the legalization of abortion on demand. Legislation recently passed by the Spanish Chamber of Deputies (the lower legislative house) will allow women to freely choose death for their children during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy, and will mandate pro-abortion education throughout the country.

Lifesitenews comments:
As a result of widespread abortion and contraception, Spain's families have an average of about 1.3 children, and the country is experiencing strong immigration pressures from Africa and Latin America.

Of course, it's not very politically correct to speak about 'immigration pressures', but we have to acknowledge that as we kill our own unborn and refuse to procreate at a sufficient level, well, immigration 'pressures' are a consequence.

Is immigration in itself a bad thing? No, of course not, where there is a need for people to move from one part of the world to another to seek freedom from persecution, reasonble standards of living, etc. The native culture should be able and willing to welcome such migrants. As a son of Irish immigrants I am glad that immigration was and is possible and I rejoice at the cultural diversity of my parish congregation.

But we must accept the consequences of not replacing our own population and killing those who could enter our societies as active contributors before they are born. Our native cultures will die and the world will be all the poorer for that, not to mention the moral consequence of the terrible sin involved. Immigration combined with a re-population of the native culture would provide for a healthy and enriching mix of cultures. And as Christians, we would rejoice in experiencing the catholicity of the Church in our own lands and the opportunity to bear witness to our Christian faith to those of other cultures and religions who would come.

It is long overdue that the Church should promote life and seek to encourage married couples to have more children and to support them in doing so, and working to promote an economic environment where it is no longer necessary for both parents to work. This would be a great project for the Archdiocesan Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

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